Full Version of EE in CA2M of Madrid

We have the pleasure to announce that the full version of Europe Endless will be presented in the CA2M center of Madrid next Sunday 14th February at 18:30h, being part of the El cine rev[b]elado #02 program (organised by Playtime Audiovisuales).

Europe Endless will show its brilliance with the full version of the project, that will last over 70 minutes. The session will be divided in two parts: the screening of the dancefilm Europe Endless (produced in 2014) and after the stage performance version (recently finished).

With a four people team, Europe Endless will frame the lifestyle and daily day of the European Parliment and the eurocrats in a very special way, do you want to discover it? The entrance is free!


More information in danza.es: [Article] (Spanish)

More information of our project: [Link to the details]

Teaser of the live performance: [Link to Vimeo]

El cine rev[b]elado #02 program: [Program]


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