Dancing at the Lady Fest / Brussels

(Image by Ionannis Pallas)

Last June we were invited to perform at the 5th edition of the event “Baragouine” organized by the amazing team of the Lady Fest BXL, a Transdisciplinary & Inclusive Feminist Festival in Bruxelles.

The Baragouine parties are organized in financial support to the future LadyFest (March 2019) where we will be programmed in avant premier with our new piece.

(Image by Ionannis Pallas)

For this last Baragouine, funny called “Baragouine se tape des barres” and located at the new Brussel’s lesbian bar Mothers & Daughters (city center) we showed a pole dance and contemporary dance duo inspired in the last piece Migrations  with a new touch of mouvements and acrobatics.
Also a solo by our great Nathalie Lennoir and an opening night with a pole dance workshop for the most intrepid and curious. We felt very wrapped up by the public, warm and enthusiastic.

(Image by Mary Roz)

Happy to come back in March. For the next, we will continue in this research line bringing dance towards new horizons.
See you soon and have a nice summer time!


Jury at [C]Screen Screendance Spring 2018

[C]Screen Festival is a humble festival happening in Cerdanyola del Vallès (close to Barcelona). The young organiser, Eva Campos Suárez, was working some years ago in, back then, La Ignorancia desk with me. After finishing her internship, she decided to go back to Spain and start a screendance festival to boost her town. And she did it, she is counts already with three editions. This year her festival received almost 200 screendance shortfilms!

At her first edition in 2016, my films Europe Endless and Lost Archive were special guests into her program and this year she asked me to be part of the selection jury. I had a very positive experience!

The festival will start the 25th April until 5th May, so if you are around Barcelona, go enjoy it!

Soon she will publish an interview she made me and I will link it here.



ARTifariti 2016


After being seen in CA2M (Madrid), Europe Endless the dancefilm will be screened again during a very special event: ARTifariti 2016 – X International Art and Human Rights Meeting of Western Sahara.

ARTifariti is a double date with Art and Human Rights. Each year it «offers an opportunity to think and act, an opportunity for the knowledge and the artistic and social practice». 2016 will bring the tenth edition to this meeting, titled After the future/بعد المستقبل  «with the objective to remember the 25th anniversary of the signing of the cease-fire with Morocco» and «it will be focus in the Sahrawi young people born after 1991«.

Europe Endless will be present in the Sahrawi Refugee Camps in Tindouf (Algeria) from 29th October to 12th November showing a non-mediatized version of the European Parliament of Brussels to the Sahrawi community.


Frinje at sight!

[Sorry, this article is only available in Spanish]

¿Cómo es la vida en el ‪Parlameto Europeo‬?

Europe Endless viaja a Madrid para mostrar la vida del barrio Europeo y sus alrededores donde se coreografían el modo de vida de los ‪eurócratas‬. ¡Y qué mejor momento, ahora que Europa está tan revuelta, cuando el Brexit está a la vuelta de la esquina, cuando el IBEX35 ha caído en picado y cuando España sigue sin gobierno! ¡Actualidad que no os podéis perder!

Seleccionada entre 800 proyectos para el año 2016, Europe Endless versión completa será puesta en escena en Madrid gracias a la selección del festival Frinje (Festival de Artes Escénicas en Madrid).

Sólo 5 y 6 de julio, ‪Frinje 2016, en el Matadero de Madrid.



Más información y venta de entradas: [Aquí]


Interview with Ana Cembrero Coca

IMG_5306A year ago, Sabela Mendoza in her blog «A cuerpo de baile» (in Spanish) interviewed our artistic director Ana Cembrero Coca about the EUROPE ENDLESS project that combines dance, cinema and performance.

Today, in a crucial moment for Europe and with the attacks against Brussels, where the usefulness of the European institutions and their efficacy as unity are questioned, Sabela publishes the interview.

We invite you to read it in the following link: [Read the interview in Spanish]

Thank you, Sabela!


Europe Endless guest at [C]Screen – Spring

Europe Endless film will be a special guest in the first edition of the [C]Screen Festival where dancefilms will be screened for a whole month.


[C]Screen is a project organised by the [Plat Artístic] platform, created by one of our team members, Eva Campos Suárez. In April she will start the first edition of a spring and autumn festival at the same time: in spring is screendance and in autumn is the rest of the fiction films. For spring, each Friday of April will become a day to discover screendance in Cerdanyola del Vallès (near Barcelona). The first session will be next Friday 1st April at Casal de Joves (Youth Center) of Cerdanyola del Vallès.

La Ignorancia gives the support to that spring season and will bring to the audiences the film Europe Endless and Lost Archive to the festival program:

  • LOST ARCHIVE 27th April at 19:30h in the Museo de Arte de Cerdanyola (MAC) – Art Museum of Cerdanyola.
  • EUROPE ENDLESS and LOST ARCHIVE 28th April at 15:30h in the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB)

You have the full program and the adresses on the official website of the [C]Screen Festival.

You are all invited to come! #CScreen16

Success in Cine Rev[b]elado #2

Last 14th February, the complete version of Europe Endless was presented in the CA2M museum (Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo) of Madrid, in the Cine Rev[b]elado #2 program (organised by Playtime Audiovisuales).

We are proud to say that the performance was a big success. It lasted more or less an hour and the room was so full of people that part of them had to be standing up. We had positive reactions and the public left wanting to know more about Europe Endless and La Ignorancia.

Here we show you some photos taken by María Eugenia Serrano Díez the same day.


Europe Endless Premiere

site specific mathilde troussard
Photo by Mathilde Troussard


We remind you that in a week, the 14th February, the Europe Endless Site Specific will have its Premiere in the CA2M center of Madrid thanks to the El cine rev[b]elado #02 program (organised by Playtime Audiovisuales).

Moreover, you will be able to enjoy the film screening and purchase the DVD.

Do not miss this opportunity because the artistic and technical team of La Ignorancia will be there to chat and share opinions with you!

The entrance is free! We meet you at 18:30h in Madrid!


[click here for more information]