My work crosses dance with other artistic disciplines and tries to explore the limits of the body with an esthetic and poetic questioning inspired by current events. I play with spectator’s sensibility by using a strong audiovisual poetry. 



Ana is a dancer, a film director, a choreographer and a teacher. She has a a degree in ballet, contemporary dance and visual arts. She obtains her diploma of Fine arts in the San Carlos University UPV Valencia (Spain), and in the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels, La Cambre (Brussels), with a specialization in visual and performative Arts.

At the age of five years old, Ana starts learning ballet. She obtains the title of Ballet Teaching Studies from the Royal Academy of Dance (London), for seven years, she dances with the valencian choreographer Juana Castelblanque, and then continues her training with European choreographers: Última Vez, Patricia Keypurs, Batsheva Dance Company, Taita Dansa, Astero Styliani Lamprinou ... and she was a member of the choreographic research laboratory « 20 young choreographers for Brussels »
She is working with the belgian dance company T.r.a.n.s.i.s.c.a.p.e., in the performances « Chambres(s) d’Hôtel », « Insert Coin » & « XL pleasures ».

In 2008, with the musician and director of photography Jorge Piquer, Ana launches the structure La Ignorancia company. Together, they create art pieces mixing danse, music & cinema. In 2009 Ana recives the first price on the 38th Dance on Camera Festival (New York) with her dancefilm CINETICA , being the first Spanish dance movie to win this festival. It won five more prices as the 4th International Jumping Frames Dance Video Festival (Hong Kong).

Today, Ana lives & works in Brussels. She is teaching dance and yoga in international schools and giving workshops. Since 2015, she is directing her own dance company and has created the performances Europe Endless & Migrations.

Copyright Image Thomas Cytrynowicz


Eva Campos Suárez (ES): production & director assistant         
Jorge Piquer (ES): musician & composer, director of photography 
Nil Ramos (BE): musician, composer 
Nathalie Lenoir (BE): dancer 
Blanca Añón (ES): set designer  
Marta Porta (ES): costume designer 
Lola Álvarez (ES): costume maker 
Amparo Maiques (ES): singer 
Barroco Tout (BE): barroco music ensemble 
Hussein Rassim (IRQ): musician
Mathilde Troussard (FR): photographer 
Yamila Ríos (ES): musician, composer
Tarek Lamrabti (BE): lighting designer & stage manager
Marion Rethy (FR): dancer
Flora Gaudin (FR): dancer
Miguel Angel Gutierrez (ES): actor
Alfredo Fernandez Atienza (ES): actor
Daniel Fernandez Atienza (ES/BE): actor
Raphael Balboni (FR): camera operator
Bruno Schweisguth (FR): sound engineer
Jeremy Morelle (FR): sound engineer


Eva Campos Suárez (2015):  European Internship Programme Eurodysee


Astero Styliani Lamprinou (GR): dancer, performer
Emmanuelle Vincent
(FR): dancer 
Mireia Vila Soriano (ES): set designer
Sara Sampelayo (ES): dancer 
Antia Díaz (ES): dancer 
Jonathan Ramírez (ES): sound engineer 
Ann Sirot (FR): actress
Eva Sempere (ES): cartoonist
Javi Melomans (ES): sound engineer 
Lia Chamilothori (GR): dancer 
Sergio Mendes (PRT) : dancer 
Richard Compte (FR): musician, composer 
Marta Gonzalez (ES):  photographer
Ioannis Pallas (GR): photographer
Thibault Gregoire (BE): photographer
Sergio Lozano (ES): lighting designer 
Playtime Audiovisuales (ES): distribution company
Milk & Honey (ES): audiovisual platform
Audrey Petit (FR): diffusion manager